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Latest custom order. Bringing a classic SSS model forward with NOS parts. There are a few chassis still available. Sterling Custom Signature. The Steel String Singer is a single channel amplifier with reverb. Although the Steel String Singer is perhaps the second most well known of Dumble’s models, it is shrouded in rumor. There are less than 20 known Steel String Singers, and only 12 of which have been accounted for publicly. It is rare to have ever played an original SSS (Steel String Singer). Of the clones on the open market, few are actually based on an original Steel String Singer. A notoriously difficult circuit to build even if one had the schematic, reportedly few clones are at all similar to the original amps. Even then, the SSS is a unique amplifier, and not necessarily a “one size fits all” amplifier. It is best described as an infinitely adjustable single channel amp with reverb. Despite its reputation as a “clean machine”, the SSS (Steel String Singer) can very from serial number to serial number. For example, The first SSS (made for Henry Kaiser) has a built in vibrato circuit. Also, the first two SSS (and possibly #7) would break up when their gain was pushed. The earlier versions (and #5) also had a cathode follower, which had certain qualities that made them unique to later versions. Every SSS has special high and low cut filters that adjust the overall tone later in the circuit. Stevie Ray Vaughan had Serial number 7
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