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Our Custom Shop Amplifiers represents the best of what we do. That is, take great ideas and bring them to life. Having two decades of experience in amplifiers and speakers cabinets we can develop the amplifier you need to be creative.

Starting at the beginning we discuss your sonic goals and then work through the design. This can be based on existing circuits, our current production models, or something more unique. Our experience in building and playing all types of amplifiers has given us a wealth of knowledge to build upon.

After these initial conversations we then take the time to go over the style of chassis artwork and color. After the chassis work is done we focus on the cabinetry tolex and grill cloth options.

  • We use only the best mix of NOS and new production capacitors and resistors.
  • Layouts that have been tried and tested over 100’s of builds.
  • A relationship going on 15 years with a trusted name in transformer construction we use custom built and pre-built transformers spec’d to do what our design needs.
  • Our designs use a mix of point to point and eyelet construction and focus on a full hand built product.

If you have been chasing your dream amp, one that is designed just for you, and your style…. Let us help you find your best match.  Fill out the form below and we will respond accordingly.

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