Matt Schofield has to have one of the tastest tones in all of the blues guitar scene today.  Not many people will disagree with that statement.  Always managing to pick up the very best backing musicians.  Matt uses a wide variety of amps and a selection of SVL guitars and very few pedals to gather his tone.  His fingers are simply made of tone gold.  We’ve worked with matt in the past and built him a modified CYN-1 amp to take out on the road.  Here’s a clip of him giving that amp it’s due as usual! Consequently at this very show Matt had a couple of guest players up.  One of these guests was Mark Wigston who is the very guy that built this new website.  A very fortunate situation to have a web developer that is also a player and motivated by boutique amps himself.  He’s also a good friend of Matt’s
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  • DAVEY WOODFORDJune 15, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    Hi, sounds beautiful . do you know if Matt’s tone that night in these clips is JUST your amp?, or is he adding FX? , Drive, boost?

    Also do you make the CYN-1 in 1 1×2 combo ?

    • Chad MangrumJune 15, 2017 at 6:50 pm

      Matt is using the amp for most of the clean playing and then using an overdrive pedal (probably the free the tone one) for the lead playing. And yes I do build a 1×12 combo. Matt actually has the amp in the video in a combo cab I built for him now right now. He is using that for all his local gigs and ones where taking just a grab and go combo makes sense.
      If your looking for more info feel free to email me direct at or give me a call. 707-696-2322


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