Though he holds a British passport and is an inductee of the British Blues Hall of Fame, Matt Schofield has been making his mark globally as one of the top players in the new class of six string wunderkinds. The Los Angeles Daily News wrote, ‘ In Schofield, the UK has produced the best Blues guitarist from any country in decades… head and shoulders above the herd’, while Guitar & Bass Magazine rated him in the top ten British blues guitarists of all time ranking him with icons Eric Clapton and Peter Green. Born in the industrial city of Manchester and raised amongst the rolling hills and locked in time Cotswolds, Schofield began playing guitar at the age of 12. Matt and his world renound tone can be found at any one of his shows.  Here’s a list Check him out!
  • Matt & The Cyn-1
  • Combo Prototype
  • Where in the world is Matt
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