My journey in the musical industry started with building and covering cabinets. Those years of experience led me to develop and build cabinets for a variety of companies over the years. Using each successive prototype and implementing new build techniques the end result was a perfectly voiced speaker cabinet.

These speaker cabinets come in 2 different wood types with the combo having a pine option. The wood types are void Free Multi-ply Baltic Birch or Aircraft grade Italian Poplar Ply. These wood types are based on the needs of the player and after a consultation with us will determine what will suit you the best. The Baltic Birch will offer a more focused low end and tend to color the overall signal less. The Poplar will have more woody notes and have more mid-range to it.  The low end will have more bounce to it and feel more drum like in its response.

These cabinets use a combination of finger jointing and rabbiting throughout the body to insure proper resonance control and liveliness. The connection of the baffle and body parts using these build techniques ensures the entire cabinet is coupling together to maintain balance. The baffle has been designed to limit any speaker distortion and will allow the speaker to properly push the high frequencies.

All of these cabinets are on custom order and can be wrapped in a variety of tolex options. Grill cloth is also an optional choice. Any stock cabinets come in our standard Black Carbon Fiber Tolex with Black Grill cloth.

Speakers: We test all the amplifiers using multiple cabinets. One Cabinet is loaded with Eminence Tonespotters, another with Celestion G12K-100.  However we believe that speakers are very subjective and will discuss with you what it is you’re looking for in the cabinet. We will purchase and load any type of speaker that you like.

Although covered by the cabinets tolex the quality of workmanship can be seen here:

  • Drivers
  A variety of custom coverings are available to match the SW head, or one you may already have.  Please inquire further.

Drivers Available (any can be ordered):

CELESTION G12K-100 Celestion’s very own monster of rock, the G12K-100, makes full use of the heaviest G12 magnet to combine huge power handling with superb clarity across a wide frequency response. A massive bottom-end, rock-hard midrange and restrained top-end makes this the perfect speaker to add thump and grind to modern high-gain tones. Loaded in 4×12’s it delivers its famous sledgehammer lows, as favoured by Slipknot’s Mick Thompson, but also often finds use in small boutique combos, bringing a powerful mix of low-end warmth and mid-range attack. SPECIFICATIONS Nominal Diameter: 12.0″, 304.8 mm Power Rating: 100 Wrms Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms Sensitivity: 99.0 db 1w/1m Chassis Type: Pressed steel Voice Coil Diameter: 1.75″, 44.5 mm Voice Coil Material: Round copper Magnet Type: Ceramic Magnet Weight: 50.0 oz, 1420.0 grams Freq. Response: 80.0 Hz-5.5 kHz Resonance Frequency, Fs: 85 Hz DC Resistance, Re: 7.0 ohms
CELESTION G12-65 Originally created in the late 70s using more modern materials and techniques for a higher power handling, the G12-65 is widely regarded as one of the best speakers ever produced for use in a 4×12 cabinet.With its fast attack and tightly controlled low- end, the G12-65 had become a firm favourite with hard rock players by the early 80s. The precisely tuned mid-range and crisp defined top-end contribute to an aggressive crunch sound that punches through the mix while the mid-range warmth and detail give weight and depth to single notes.
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